Seasonal clothing storage solutions

Clothing Storage

Whether fashion or weather dictates the change, it’s time for your summer attire to retire and your autumn apparel to unfold. But in an apartment, this can get tricky, fast. Who has space to spend on clothes you won’t wear for another 6 months? These creative seasonal clothing storage solutions can help you create the space, even when it seems like you don’t have it.

  • Start with a vacuum
    Their infomercials may be cliché and annoying, but the vacuum storage people have a point – you can fit a lot more into your existing space if you compress it. A vacuum sealer and vacuum bags enable you to make the most of your seasonal clothing storage, especially when you won’t need to access it for a long while.
  • Hide it under the bed
    Take a lesson from those micro-homes and apartments you see and make sure no space goes unused. You can easily find under-bed storage containers that make it easy to slide things in and out from under the space.
  • Use those hard to reach spaces
    Everyone has a high shelf, cabinet or other space here or there that’s just out of reach without a step stool (or a low one that requires uncomfortable bending for those with a height advantage). If you focus those spaces on rarely used items, you’ll find that you rarely need to stretch.
  • Slip behind the hanging space
    Behind all the hanging clothes, there’s a little bit of space to the wall – usually just enough to fit one of those vacuum sealed bags of clothes. Just hang them flat against the wall. It’s out of the way, mostly out of sight, but easily in reach if you ever need to dip into out-of-season clothes for some unexpected weather.
  • Consider a little extra storage
    Many Avalon communities offer auxiliary storage throughout the community. It’s a great way to get that little extra space for when all other solutions are exhausted. That way, it’s out of your way – except when you need it. If you’re interested, be sure to talk to your leasing office.