Autumn decorating tips that won’t fall out of style

Autumn Decorating Tips

Seasonal décor can really make your apartment feel like home. But it’s a lot to keep up with, a lot to store, and if you’re not careful, it can be a lot to spend on something that fades as quickly as the leaves. With these autumn decorating tips, you can keep up without being overwhelmed.

  • Get neutral big ticket items
    When you’re buying a full tablecloth, or rugs, or other large design pieces, stick to neutral colors and themes. They go with anything and give an understated quality that causes your seasonal pieces to really pop. The same philosophy can apply to paint colors and walls; it’s why art galleries all paint the walls white, so the pieces on the wall really pop forward.
  • Choose seasonal accents
    The tablecloth is a good example; if you pick a beige or other neutral color, you can lay it down and put a runner on top. Tablecloth runners are smaller, so they’re easier to store, and generally less expensive for the same reason. You could have a runner for every month of the year in the same space needed for a full-size tablecloth. You could even sew one yourself if you choose. You can apply this thinking to the rest of the room too: ribbons and small drapery can accent existing pieces and turn ordinary objects into seasonal themes.
  • Color is your friend
    Depending on your taste, a spooky print of bats and ghosts maybe crucial to your design, or banned from your house; but consider that simple, solid colors can end up being multi-purpose. The right orange napkins can work for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even a splash of extra color in a spring bouquet.
  • Interchange artwork
    Interior decorators love to choose accent pieces that set the tone for the room, and you can too. Paintings or canvas prints can swap spots on the wall, and those out of rotation take up minimal storage.
  • DIY a centerpiece
    The decorations can really feel like yours if you make it yourself, plus then it’s a conversation piece for when friends come over. Sure, you can buy art, even Walgreens has canvas printing capabilities, or you can head out to a wine and sip place with your friends; art has never been more accessible.

Hopefully these autumn decorating tips have been helpful; now you’re ready to set for this season (and the next one.)