Halloween tips for the ultimate party


With kids or without, everyone should have somewhere fun to go on this holiday. With these simple Halloween tips, your party will be the one everyone looks forward to next year!

  • Have just a touch of the spooky
    Turning an apartment into a real haunted house is a lot of work; it’s much easier (and more fun to just add a hint of the spooky. Start by stocking up on glow in the dark everything. It’s required for nearly all the spooky DIY projects of the season. You may even want to consider a blacklight light bulb for one of your lamps to accentuate all the lights.
  • Pick traditions that are memorable and fun
    Bobbing for apples is the oldest of Halloween standbys – but it’s always much harder (and especially messier) than you think. You may want to consider some alternatives that require less work from your guests, and less mopping afterwards. You could try a pumpkin ring toss with glow in the dark necklaces. For the more sophisticated crowd, how about a murder mystery?
  • The suggestion of costumes
    Amongst adults, opinions vary as to whether Halloween costumes are crucial to enjoying the holiday. As a host, it’s good to be neutral – and offer options to those who simply forgot to participate. After all, many simple and punny costumes are just a single accessory away, that you can keep on hand and offer to your desperate guests.
  • Pick your taste and go for it
    For food and drink, every flavor is out there. It’s like pinterest was made for this. You can go spooky and gross for the kids, cute for the family, or creative for the pinner in you. Of course, those with a more sophisticated palate can make their own selections too.
  • Don’t forget the playlist
    Thanks to Spotify and Pandora, you can plan it at the last minute; but an appropriate playlist should not be forgotten. Don’t be afraid to use one of theirs and throw in a spooky sound once in a while between songs.