Holiday Decorations

Simple holiday decoration ideas that fit into an apartment

Changing a home’s decor for the holidays is something that many people embrace. It helps to create a festive mood for the season, and enlivens the somewhat dreary colors of the outdoors in the winter through the addition of the shimmering glows of silver, gold, red, and green. No matter… Read more

Stress Free Holidays

How to keep stress from replacing joy during the holidays

There’s no doubt that the holidays are a busy time. With so many tasks to accomplish during the season, life can get hectic. That can bring pressure to both you and your family, which can put a damper on the fun and happiness you’re supposed to enjoy this time of… Read more

Holiday Snacks

How to control your holiday snacking

One of the things that most of us look forward to during the holidays is the plethora of treats that surround us. Delicious cookies, drinks, appetizers, dinners and desserts abound, giving us every chance to indulge in our favorite things. But all this food– and the desire to take advantage… Read more


Apartment babyproofing checklist for visiting little ones

For most people, the holidays mean having company, which is a wonderful thing. But not all guests are the same, and some require a little more preparation than others. No, this isn’t about nit-picking in-laws or that one loud cousin you have, it’s about young children. While you might not… Read more