How to Renovate Your Entire Apartment on a Budget

living room window and couch

It may not be easy to do an entire home makeover on a shoestring budget, but it’s not impossible. You might even find that this opportunity for creativity ends up being fun. That is, if you know where to begin. That’s probably going to be at the craft store or thrift store, where you’ll find most of the materials you need to renovate your home without shelling out much cash. Here’s our guide on the subject to help you along:

  • Switch up your switch plates. Switch plates are too often overlooked as mere necessities, but they’re much more than that. In addition to the functional purpose they serve, switch plates can actually make a large impact on the look of a room. Pick switch plates that go with your color palette or find ones that stand in stark contrast to the hues on your walls. You can even find sparkly switch plates or plates with a fun floral print if that suits your taste.
  • Get new carpet. If the carpet underfoot is getting a little bit dingy, that can make the whole room look slightly less polished. By ripping up your old carpet and installing some new stuff, you’ll breathe fresh air into the room. Consider going with a neutral hue if your living room features more colorful accent pieces, or make the carpet the focal point of the space by picking a bolder color.
  • Rearrange the furniture. You don’t have to put down any cash to follow this tip. If your sofa has been in the same spot since you moved in, consider mixing things up. Spend some time designing the new layout of your room, maybe even taking a few measurements to make sure that it’s feasible, and then get to work. Something as small as moving an end table or a floor lamp could drastically alter the aesthetic in your apartment.
  • Update the drapes. Redoing the drapes is a cheap way to glam up your space. You can easily make your own set of curtains and take the entire space from blah to trendy in a few quick stitches. This blog post by Apartment Therapy teaches you how to make your own set of curtains using any colorful vintage scarves you can find at the thrift store, for a fraction of the price you’d spend on new ones.
  • Add a mirror. Mirrors don’t just open up a space; they can also be a focal point. Find a large mirror trimmed in a cute and colorful or elegant and shiny frame and position it on one of your biggest walls in the living room or the guest room. It’ll make a large impact on guests when they walk in, especially if the mirror catches a bit of sunshine streaming through a nearby window. Plus, it will make your apartment look much larger.
  • Try temporary wallpaper. Most landlords don’t allow renters to repaint, but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-wallpaper. Temporary types of adhesive wallpapers have become very popular, and they’ll peel right off when you move.

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