Must-Have Handy Tools For Your Home

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It can be a hassle to call the maintenance crew every time you need something done around the apartment, especially if it’s a task you could easily do yourself with the correct tools. If you like to DIY, you should have a fully stocked toolbox on hand. What constitutes “fully stocked”? It should contain the following elements:

  • A hammer. Unless you’re a master carpenter, a simple 16-ounce claw hammer will suffice for your everyday needs. Whether you choose a curved or straight claw doesn’t really matter, but pick a hammer that fits comfortably in your hand. You might want to opt for one with a special coating that keeps it from vibrating. That way, the next time you’re hammering a picture frame into place, your hand won’t have to absorb the impact of every hammer-strike.
  • A screwdriver. You can go two ways with the screwdriver: buy a comprehensive set or opt for a single screwdriver with interchangeable heads. Either way, you need an assortment of Phillips and flathead screwdrivers in order to hang pictures, assemble furniture, and perform other easy tasks.
  • Duct tape or super glue. Duct tape or super glue.and super glue aren’t necessarily long-term fixes, but if you need to patch up a leak temporarily or quickly fix a table leg for a party tonight, they’ll come in handy. Just make sure you fix the issue the right way in the morning.
  • A measuring tape. From measuring out a space for the new sofa to seeing how much wiggle room you’ll have after installing a fresh fridge, you never know when you’re going to need a measuring tape. Invest in a sturdy one that’s long enough to run the length of a room—the smaller ones are ok if you live in a smaller apartment.
  • A cordless drill. When you’re installing a bunch of new wall hangings or putting together countless pieces of furniture, you’ll be happy to have the cordless drill. The extra oomph that comes from its battery juice makes the cordless drill much more effective than just twisting in a screw with your hand. Plus, it can power through tough surfaces—like drywall.
  • A utility knife. The super-sharp utility knife is aptly named, because you can utilize it in almost countless ways. Cut up old carpet from the floor; easily slice open the box for a new oven; even scrape away paint or wallpaper. The utility knife will come in handy no matter your level of DIY ability.
  • A level. If you stick a level in your toolbox, the days will be gone when you had to ask your roommate to eyeball if a picture was perfectly even. The level takes the guesswork out of hanging photos and building furniture. Simply set it on top of your frame and make sure the bubble floats to the center of its tube, indicating that you’ve done an excellent job of hanging that painting or family photograph.
  • Pliers. Ever needed to bend a broken necklace link back into place? You probably used a pair of pliers. If they’re that useful in your jewelry box, consider how much more useful they’d be as part of your toolbox.

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