How to Make a Sports Ticket Scrapbook for Your Child

basketball closeup

Your child’s first sports game is a major life event, especially if she goes on to become an avid sports lover like her mom or dad. Whether it’s a major league baseball game or a face-off against local minor league teams, the experience will likely stick with your child. The sound of sizzling hot dogs; the taste of a frosty soda; the sound of a roaring crowd. The best way to freeze these elements of the day in time forever is to scrapbook the day’s events. That’s why we’ve compiled a few ideas for creating a sports scrapbook for your youngster:

  • Keep it simple with a photo album. If you aren’t the creative type, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of scrapbooking. Just don’t go crazy. You can start small just by sticking ticket stubs inside of a photo album with a scrap of paper denoting the date. Perhaps as your child grows, he or she will take an interest in jazzing up the scrapbook. If not, you at least have a comprehensive collection of his favorite sporting events.
  • Collect other mementos from the game. A ticket stub isn’t enough to carry an entire scrapbooking page. The best part about scrapbooks is that you can personalize them, so do just that. Snap a selfie of you and your kid in the stadium and print it out to stick alongside the ticket. You could also jot down a special memory from the day, like a recollection of your son’s reaction to his first bite of a hot dog. It doesn’t have to be that specific, though. The note can just explain who went and where the game was played.
  • Stick to the team’s color scheme. If you’re incorporating personal photos of the game and the stadium, then chances are the home team’s colors are already going to prevail on the page. Instead of adding contrasting hues, keep with this color scheme. Find other pretty papers and stickers that complement the colors instead of distracting from them. If you’re talented with script, you can scrawl the name of the team in its signature shades, but you’ll be able to buy stickers of most major league teams’ logos if you prefer.
  • Layer. Scrapbooks aren’t supposed to be as clean-cut as photo albums. They’re supposed to be fun and evocative of specific memories. So don’t worry if your scrapbook looks artfully haphazard. Go crazy with layers. Patch together papers with different patterns and shades and add stickers, photos, and, of course, your ticket on top.
  • Forgo the scrapbook—opt for a frame. You can kill two birds with one stone by making a ticket shadow box instead of a scrapbook. Not only will you safely stow your sports tickets, but also you’ll craft a fun new conversation piece for your living room. Check out this DIY project by the crafty blogger behind And Then There Was You for some easy tips. Her shadowbox features movie stubs, but you can use yours to store sports tickets—and any other mementos from the game, like a snapshot of your child with one of the players.

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