Summer Decorating Ideas


Now that summer sunshine has finally reentered your world, it’s time to trade heavy jeans for shorts and bulky boots for strappy sandals. It’s also time to swap out your spring decor—or any wintry embellishments that have been hanging on—for decor befitting the longer days and warmer temperatures. If you think your apartment might be in need of a summer-themed makeover, here are five ways you can kickstart the transformation.

  1. Invite the outdoors inside. Fresh flowers. Vibrant lemons and limes. Coral-toned seashells. What do all of these things have in common? They’re typically found outdoors, but they’ll look great on your bedside table or guest room dresser. Summer is the time to invite nature inside your apartment, not keep it locked outdoors. So bring natural elements in whenever you can, whether that means heading to a farm near you and picking your own bouquet or adding an area rug crafted from bamboo, jute, or hemp.
  2. Revamp your centerpiece. Now that you already have some ideas brewing for natural items that transition seamlessly to indoor decor, it’s time to talk about your table centerpiece—or lack thereof. If you typically leave the same serving platter or candlesticks at the center of your table, take this season shift as an opportunity to add some color. Try a classic bouquet of roses or daisies spilling out of a glass vase, a vintage pitcher, or a large mason jar. Or you can cluster colorful fruits and veggies around a large candle. Seashells, fresh lemons, a potted plant—whatever says summer to you, turn it into a centerpiece.
  3. Break out the holiday lights. Your string lights may still be all in a jumble from the holidays, but consider untangling them early this year. Hung over the dining room table, criss-crossing the living room, or overhead out on the balcony, holiday lights act as the summer stars even on overcast evenings.
  4. Just add color. Any way that you can incorporate bright colors into your apartment, do it. Get creative with your choice of hues. If you find a pair of throw pillows in a striking yellow or vibrant scarlet, consider replacing the ones already on your couch. If you happen upon a set of plates with playful orange stripes or a few mugs doused in an electric shade of blue, make space in your kitchen cabinets for them—or even better, find a way to put them on display. And if you’re really in the mood for a big change in terms of your apartment’s aesthetic, maybe it’s time to get rid of (or store) your old area rug and find a new striped or chevron rug in sunny colors.
  5. Makeover your bed. Heavy down comforters and flannel sheets are the perfect accessories for a cozy winter’s night, but they have no place in your summertime apartment. Find lighter linens—both in terms of actual weight and color—to dress up your bed for the season. Microfiber or cotton sheets should be tucked underneath, with a light quilt or blanket spread across the top and a few bright pillowcases as the icing on the cake.

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