How Santa visits an apartment with no chimney

Santa gets into an apartment

Santa Claus may be a magical figure capable of flying, flattening himself to a fraction of his size, and visiting homes all over the world in a single night, but that doesn’t mean he’s legally immune. If a home doesn’t have a chimney, and Santa is forced to break-and-enter, won’t the ensuing police visit slow him down for the night? The answer to this is simple, if you (or your kids) were wondering: Santa has ways of getting into chimney-less homes without smashing a window. He is magic, after all. So if your brood is worried about how Santa is going to visit them at your apartment so he can drop off some gifts and inhale his milk and cookies, here are a few ultra-scientific theories that should help assuage their fears.

  • He has a magic key. Did you know that the North Pole elves are capable of crafting billions of toys a year—and all from just the materials they can get shipped up to them? So is it really that hard to believe that they could also make a magic key? It’s basically a master key for every home in the world, unlocking the door of all deserving boys and girls. Experts haven’t come to a conclusion about the exact appearance of the key. It could glow a Christmasy red and green, or maybe it’s encrusted in North Pole snowflakes. Regardless of what it looks like, or what exactly gives the key its magic, your children can rest assured that Santa always has it on hand in case of a no-chimney emergency.
  • He uses the front door. Sometimes the easiest solution is the most obvious one, and Santa knows this. So even if he didn’t have the key on-hand, he’s crafty enough to figure out how your front door works—and if there’s a spare key stowed somewhere nearby. While experts wouldn’t recommend leaving your door unlocked for the rosy-cheeked Saint Nick, it doesn’t hurt to have the spare key available for his use. Just in case that magic key is on the fritz or something.
  • He conjures up his own chimney—duh!! If you think Santa’s magic isn’t strong enough to make a chimney appear and then disappear, then you haven’t been paying attention to Kris Kringle’s achievements thus far. If he can fly around the entire globe in an enchanted sleigh, pulled by flying reindeer that he presumably trained himself, then obviously he will have no problem snapping his fingers and making a chimney appear. Even if it’s sticking out the side of an apartment wall. His magic is strong enough to mask this slight oddity from passersby, so don’t worry about your neighbors calling the cops when it appears (and then suddenly dissolves into thin air). If he doesn’t have time to actually make an entire chimney, he can sneak in through the heating vents anyway. He’s magic, remember. Like, super magic.

So the next time one of your little ones asks how Santa Claus is going to get his Christmas cookies this year, have one of these theories locked and loaded. Or you can present them all and let your youngsters choose which to believe for themselves.