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plain kombucha

BYOB – Brewing Your Own (Kom)bucha

While once a drink for hippies and uber health nuts, kombucha tea can now be found in every corner market. However, they are expensive and not as potent as they’re meant to be. Many brands are pasteurizing them and killing off many of the healthy bacteria and probiotics that the… Read more

Folk Fibers Natural Dyes

Creating Colorful (and Natural!) Clothing Dyes

Have you thought about revamping a plain old t-shirt, tote bag or boring duvet cover with colorful dyes? It can be done inexpensively and without the use of harsh dyes full of chemicals. This project is so simple, cheap and its tons of fun to experiment with. You can try… Read more

Craiglist 101 for Apartment Dwellers

Craigslist 101 for Apartment Dwellers

Craigslist is an online community where you can buy and sell almost anything from clothes and accessories to vintage furniture and mystical treasures. It can be a great way to discover something totally unique while saving that hard-earned cash, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind before… Read more

Pegboard Clothing Rack

Living a Clutter-Free Life with Pegboard Organization

I was tired of having my necklaces and bracelets scattered everywhere, but then I found pegboards! After I got I started,  I went on a pegboarding spree and it has seriously changed the way I think about organization, I love it!  -AVA