The Most Extravagant Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Our pets aren’t just animals that happen to share our living space. For most of us, they’re our best friends, trusted confidants, and cherished family members. Who else can you rely on to keep all of your secrets, love you even when you’re feeling less-than-lovable, and lend a patient ear… Read more

Best Dog Breeds for Your Urban Lifestyle

Dogs and humans have been coexisting for a very long time. Once upon a time, when the relationship first started, the alliance was probably tenuous at best. Much has changed over the years. And, now, we’ve bred them to be rescuers, shepherds, hunting companions and guide dogs. We’ve bred tiny… Read more


Plan a Romantic Weekend in Somerville

Why wait for a holiday to show your special someone how much you care? If you’re in need of a romantic night out, there are plenty of places in and around Somerville that will guarantee you a fun evening for both of you.

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Get Sweaty at AVA High Line!

We get it. This winter was brutal! Endless cold and more snowstorms than you would wish upon your worst enemy, meant that most of us were bundled up inside for most of winter watching Netflix and eating pizza. It’s only natural that this harsh winter has meant that fitness has… Read more