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You don’t have to give money to support those in need

  If you’re operating on a tight budget, you might feel like you have nothing to offer your favorite charities. That monthly donation is certainly off the table. However, in many cases, nonprofits need other help more than money—perhaps volunteers, supplies, or someone with expertise in a certain field. So… Read more

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Volunteering doesn’t have to be a second job

Many volunteer positions require a weekly commitment, maybe a few hours on a Tuesday night or half of your Saturday every week. While carving this time out of your schedule is a noble thing to do, it might not necessarily be a realistic goal for every week. What happens when… Read more


Things to consider when picking an organization to support

When you’re bringing in a regular paycheck, it’s just good form to be generous with your money. That’s not to say you have to give away a huge chunk and then live on a shoestring budget for the month, but maybe you could skip that $4 cold-brew three times a… Read more