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Behind the Scenes at Avalon North Point Lofts

Samantha Meyer

Avalon North Point Lofts is made up of a hardworking team committed to amazing service and passionate about the community and city. Let’s take some time to learn more about one of the Avalon team members who helps make Avalon communities some of the best in the country. We caught up with Samantha Meyer, Community Consultant for Avalon North Point Lofts, Red Sox fan and Cambridge expert–read on to learn more!

What Floor Plan is Right for you at Avalon West Chelsea?

NYC 2 Bedroom Apartments for rent in West Chelsea

It’s common knowledge that finding the perfect apartment in NYC is an elusive goal, but one everyone aspires to achieve. However, there are a few options that make it easier for the Manhattanite to find their perfect new abode, and one of them is Avalon West Chelsea. Avalon West Chelsea offers a variety of layouts including studio, 1-, and 2-bedroom floor plans to offer every potential resident the space that they need. If you’re not sure about how much space you really need, check out the options below to discover what awaits at this upscale property!

Staying Healthy and Fit at Avalon Baker Ranch

Posted on July 24, 2014
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Fitness in Lake Forest

Snow and sleet is certainly second nature to Midwesterners, just as working out and keeping fit is to Southern Californians. From riding their bikes along scenic trails in Orange County to taking a yoga or spin class, or hightailing it over to the nearest fitness center, exercising is a daily routine for many. And if you call Avalon Baker Ranch home — or you plan to in the near future — you can still work out like the fitness guru you are or strive to be.

Bai Tong Thai Restaurant near Eaves Redmond Campus: Richmond’s Go-To for Elegant Thai Food


Massive mushroom-like light fixtures hulk overhead in the dining room. Giant gold- and silver-plated lily pads glimmer over couches and throw pillows in a lounge. Glowing structures that look like ice castles shed light on the bar's many libations. At Bai Tong Thai Restaurant, color is everywhere—and not just in the decor. The pad Thai, garlic chicken (or crispy chicken), and flat noodles all showcase fresh, colorful ingredients prepared using traditional techniques. These dishes happen to be some of customers' favorites, but the food is authentic across the menu and considered by many reviewers to be the best Thai food in the area near Eaves Redmond Campus. That being said, you will have to splurge a little bit more on a meal here than at a take-out Thai joint—but if its level of popularity is any indication, your… Read more…

Five Acres’ Worth of Beauty Live at the Water Conservation Garden, not far from Eaves Rancho San Diego


"Water Conservation Garden" is something of a misnomer, since this natural space in El Cajon actually consists of several diverse gardens. Make the quick journey from Eaves Rancho San Diego to Water Conservation Garden and explore all five acres' worth. Each garden displays its own theme and informative plaques, so you can learn more about the habitat while you get a peek inside of it. Stroll through herb garden and drink in the various aromas of the plants blooming there, or ogle over the breathtaking desert plants thriving in the cactus and succulent garden, which is beautiful in its simplicity. Nearby, water features showcase ways to conserve California's water supply, true to the Water Conservation Garden's Name, and other exhibits suggest ways to garden in a way that's environmentally friendly. Water Conservation Garden 12122 Cuyamaca College Drive W…. Read more…

West Coast Tavern near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos: 12-Plus Versions of the Moscow Mule


At West Coast Tavern near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos, fans of the Moscow Mule have a plethora of options. Barkeeps mix up more than a dozen different versions of the cocktail, and they work all day. This means you can also enjoy a drink during brunch—in fact, daytime drinking is encouraged. There are more than 20 brunch cocktails on the menu, from the classic mimosa to the "beermosa" and everything in between. West Coast Tavern is more than its bar, though. Residing inside a former theater in San Diego's North Park, the tavern's very walls are rich with history. Enjoy the vintage touches that surround in any of the indoor or outdoor dining areas while you pass around pub-inspired tapas. The five-spice wings and lamb sliders with caramelized onions and feta are both popular options. You can order the… Read more…

Skip Dinner at Eaves Quincy and Head to The Fox and Hound Wood Grille and Tavern


Roasted duck smothered with a blueberry and orange demi-glace. Filet mignon bound in bacon. Baked chicken filled with brie, spinach, and artichoke. The dishes at The Fox and Hound Wood Grille and Tavern all highlight the creativity and care with which chefs work here. That dedication to crafting fine, fresh cuisine carries over to customers' favorite dishes, as well: fiery jambalaya, broiled scallops, and chicken pot pie. However, brunch is one of the most popular times to come to The Fox and Hound. It's held every Sunday, and showcases chefs' unique take on breakfast classics. If you come for lunch throughout the week, you can order a sandwich stuffed with gourmet meats. No matter when you make the short trip from Eaves Quincy to The Fox and Hound, however, take some time to simply enjoy the ambience. A… Read more…

Mission Hills Park near Eaves Pleasanton: A Slide That’s Twice the Normal Size


It spans twice the distance of your typical playground fixture. It abruptly drops off into a pile of soft sand. It beckons to adults, children, and everyone in between. It's the behemoth slide at Mission Hills Park near Eaves Pleasanton, and it's a must-see (and must-ride) in Pleasanton. Unlike your typical playground slide, this one snakes down a massive set of steps, stretching much longer than you'd expect. As a result, kids clamor to be next in line, and sometimes parents even join them. The slide is just one part of two playgrounds that both attract the younger demographic in Pleasanton. However, if you're not up for a ride, Mission Hills Park can still keep you entertained for the afternoon. Walking and jogging paths run throughout the park between grassy lawns where guests can set up shop with… Read more…