Winter Driving

Emergency supplies to keep in your car for winter driving

Driving in the winter requires more caution than any other time of the year. With an increased likelihood of bad weather, it’s simply more hazardous to venture out. So, it’s always a good idea to prepare for any potentially dangerous situation you may encounter. While there are some things that… Read more


Apartment babyproofing checklist for visiting little ones

For most people, the holidays mean having company, which is a wonderful thing. But not all guests are the same, and some require a little more preparation than others. No, this isn’t about nit-picking in-laws or that one loud cousin you have, it’s about young children. While you might not… Read more

Healthy Holiday Snacks

7 healthy holiday treats

The holidays are the prime time of the year to indulge, but all that eating and drinking can come with a price. Too many rich dinners and decadent desserts can cause weight gain, and leave your feeling imbalanced and lethargic. However, there are healthy options available that stay in the… Read more

Get involved with pets

6 ways to help animals during the holidays

As the holidays roll around, you may be looking for ways to give back to your community. If you are an animal lover, chances are good that you’re looking for ways to help animals in your area. Whether it’s time, money, or supplies, giving to these animals helps to make… Read more

Holiday Pet Treats

6 pet gifts to make the holiday special

One of the best things about the holidays is that they’re a chance to show the special people in your life how much you care. This goes for your pets, too. Sure, you do your best to give your pet the best care possible every day, but the holidays are… Read more