Winter Beers

6 can’t miss winter seasonal beers

As the colder months approach, there’s a tendency to hunker down and enjoy everything the great indoors have to offer. If you’re a beer fan, your binge-watching and pajama-wearing wouldn’t be complete without the right brews to go with it. Winter beers tend to be heavier, darker, and much boozier… Read more

Family Holiday Traditions

5 warm weather family holiday traditions to try

More often than not, our family traditions are dictated by the weather, which means that the holidays tend to be celebrated differently depending on where you live. People who live in warmer climates have taken up some pretty interesting customs when it comes to this. Some of the best (and… Read more

Egg Nog

5 new twists on egg nog

Egg nog is one of those holiday favorites that you can’t reach for at just any time of the year. The availability of this creamy delight is restricted to around Christmastime, which usually means that seemingly every get-together around this time usually has it. Rather than drinking it the usual… Read more


5 indoor exercises you can do while traveling

It can be hard to keep a routine when you’re away from home, especially when it comes to working out. Being in a new place can make it hard to find the necessary equipment needed to complete your normal workout circuit, and bringing the necessary tools with you is not… Read more


4 ways to get gifts to family outside your luggage

Perhaps you’ve faced this predicament before: you’re traveling to your family for the holidays, and you have more gifts than you have space for. Packing becomes a hassle, and you might not be able to bring everything on your packing list. There are ways to get around this tricky situation…. Read more