DIY Floral Crowns

Shannon Kirsten Wildflowers Blog | DIY Floral Crown

Floral crowns are beautiful and timeless fashion accents. Whether they make you think of the flower children of the 1960s or of a more modern Bohemian Forest wedding, they make a great accessory for special events or even everyday wear. They look great with both fresh and silk flowers (depending on how long you want them to last). For a special event, fresh flowers are the perfect choice, while for everyday headbands you can use silk flowers.

Shannon Kirsten Wildflowers Blog | DIY Floral Crown

Image: Shannon Kirsten

Floral crowns are gaining a considerable amount of popularity, making their way into mainstream stores all over the country. Surprisingly, they can be quite expensive! A floral wire, elastic and a few fake flower stems are a much better option and you can customize it however you want. No need to rely on someone else’s creativity – instead, unleash your own!

Bleu Bird Vintage | DIY Flower Crown

Image: Bleu Bird Vintage

This flower crown tutorial is from the blog Bleu Bird. She uses a variety of silk flowers to give a country-style faux flower crown. This would be perfect for bridesmaids at a wedding, a flower girl, or some kind of outdoor photo shoot. All you need is some floral wire and faux flowers – follow her tutorial here.

Bryan Gardner and Corbin Gurkin for Martha Stewart | DIY Wedding Flower Crown

Image: Martha Stewart

Even good ol’ Martha has jumped on the floral crown bandwagon. She, of course, does it so very elegantly with a gorgeous silk ribbon and perfectly matching blooms. If you are a perfectionist bride, this might be the perfect crown for you. The peach tones lend an ethereal glow to it and would complement any white or cream dress. Martha takes it a step further to disguise the unsightly wire by masking it with a green floral tape, which can be found at most craft stores. Learn how to make this floral crown DIY here.

Honestly WTF | DIY Midsummer Flower Crown

Image: Honestly WTF

This last tutorial is by Honestly WTF and uses dainty fresh flowers to create a more natural, “just picked these wildflowers out of a meadow” look. You can use the same techniques you would use for silk flowers with this crown (meaning it should be freshly made the day it will be worn). It looks gorgeous but the flowers will wilt in a few hours, so to keep it looking fresh before an event, store it in the fridge to slow the wilting process.

Have fun trying out one or all of these tutorials. You might even end up making a whole set to wear every day at your AVA 55 Ninth apartment!