Couple playing video games

7 Romantic ideas (that are free)

So, you want to do something special with your significant other, but money is tight this month. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a fat wallet to show how much you care. Keep these ideas in mind for any time you want to do something fun, romantic, and budget-friendly. Take advantage of… Read more

Valentine's Day cocktails

4 Fun Valentine’s Day cocktails to try

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, for sure. But it’s also closely tied to great meals and tasty beverages, which explains why you have such a hard time making reservations so close to the date. Dining is not the main focus of the holiday, but having the right elements when… Read more

Small Kitchen

The only 5 things you’ll need to stock in a small kitchen

Keeping your living space small certainly has its advantages. It’s easy to clean, you avoid accumulating too much clutter, and relocating from one apartment to another doesn’t require too much manual labor. But one potential pitfall of sticking to a modest space is that your kitchen is also small, which… Read more

stainless steel knives

How to buy knives that will last your whole life

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that one’s cooking is only as good as his knife set. Cheap knives won’t hold up when you’re slicing, dicing, and chopping on a daily basis. But before you invest in a pricey set of top-shelf knives, you should… Read more