woman doing push-up outside

6 exercise tricks to stretch and grow your physical limits

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness guru or an exercise newbie, everyone eventually gets to a place where their workout routine begins to feel stale. Your muscles start to know what to expect from the gym each day, so you cease to get stronger or, at the very least, start to… Read more

Walking outdoor trails

How to get back into working out outdoors in the spring

As we begin to thaw out from a long, cold winter, many of us look forward to spending time in warmer weather. If you enjoy exercising outside, the anticipation could lead you to rush back into action too quickly.. Not only can this result in burnout, it can also result… Read more

Spring sports

5 Spring sports to try

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to head outside for a little fresh air and activity. If you’re tired of running the same old trails, or negotiating traffic with your bike, check out the ideas below. Kickball. Like baseball, but with your feet, kickball is an easy way to… Read more

Healthy soup

7 Tips to shedding winter weight

When the winter chill moves in, your body goes into hibernation mode. That means you’re more apt to take an afternoon nap,fill up on heavy comfort foods, and to choose the warmth of your apartment over the bitter cold outside—which stands between you and the gym. Compound this with the… Read more

Indoor workouts

How to stay active – even when it’s raining

If you planned to exercise outside but it’s raining, do you give yourself a free pass to sit this one out? Going for a run or playing a sport in the rain is not the best idea, so stay dry and take your workout indoors. Here are a few ideas!… Read more