DIY: Jonathan Adler Upcycled Vases

Jonathan Adler Pottery DIY – After

I can’t get enough of interior design guru Jonathan Adler! From his chic pottery to his vibrant textiles, I’m waiting until the day my home is filled with his patterns and quirky accessories (I LOVE these banana vases).

You can imagine how happy I was the day I found a Jonathan Adler-esque vase DIY over at Apartment Therapy.

Jonathan Adler Pottery DIY - After

{Via PS I Made This. If you are not familiar with this gem of a blog, I suggest you spend countless hours perusing through some of their other amazing projects.}

This DIY vase is quite easy and would make a great project to do with friends on a Sunday. All you need are some recycled bottles, cans or old vases, matte spray paint (low VOC if possible) and puffy paint (yes, those little paints from grade school).

Jonathan Adler Pottery DIY - Materials

  1. Decide on a pattern and use your imagination! Horizontal rows of large dots are my favorite but you can do anything! Look at JA’s vases for inspiration.
  2. Use a light color marker and make your self some guidelines.
  3. Apply the design with the puffy paint, and depending on how much you want the pattern to stick out, reapply.
  4. Spray with the matte paint (ideally the same color as the puffy paint, white works the best in my opinion).
  5. Let dry and enjoy re-decorating with your new Jonathan Adler inspired vases!

Head on over to Apartment Therapy for the tutorial!