How to Organize Your Avalon San Dimas Life

kitchen organization

At Avalon San Dimas, we know that, for most, happy apartment living means organized living and making the most of every inch of space. That is why we strive to provide features such as well-designed walk-in closets and easy-to-navigate kitchens that help you cut down on that pesky clutter.

However, how we organize our own home is often a very personal expression of our personal preferences and how we would like to live. Luckily, getting organized at Avalon San Dimas couldn’t be easier no matter what your style is!

kitchen organization

Image: No.29 Design

Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your apartment and a profile of the places near Avalon San Dimas that can help you achieve your organizational dreams.

Think in Three Dimensions:
When trying to maximize your space while minimizing clutter, it is important to use all of your space, and think outside the box. Just because there isn’t space on your floor does not mean that you can’t hang storage from your walls that can serve both organize and brighten up empty wall space. For example, just take a look above at how much counter space the hanging wire baskets save in the above picture. This principle can apply to pretty much any room in your home as well!

nesting 2 tables

Image: Schnadig

Double Duty Furniture:
Why take up lots of space in your home with a large piece of furniture that only serves one purpose when you can your furniture work overtime. From beds with underneath drawers to ottomans that have a space for blanket storage underneath to nesting tables that give you space when you need it and disappear from sight when you don’t.

storage containers 2

Image: HGTV

Storage containers, storage containers, and storage containers:
One of the single most versatile items that you can own to help declutter your home is a trusty storage container. There is no point wasting space on bulky items such as filing cabinets or bookshelves when a simple series of well organized storage containers can be arranged to store just as much, without taking up nearly as much space. The best part is that storage containers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find precisely the container that fits your needs and your style.

Places Near Avalon San Dimas that can help you:
One of the advantages of living at Avalon San Dimas is that if you get the organizing bug, there are variety of shops right in San Dimas that can help you declutter your home.

  • For the everyday shopper: Target is only a 6 minute drive away from Avalon San Dimas, and has lots of organizational tools for reasonable prices.
  • For the bulk buyer: Costco is great if you need to buy lots of things such as storage containers at once, and is also a 6 minute drive away from Avalon San Dimas.
  • For the eclectic-minded: Cost Plus World Market has lots of unique styles from all around the globe to satisfy every taste, and is a brief 5 minute drive from Avalon San Dimas.
  • For the DIY-er: If you’d like to custom craft your organizational decor Ace Hardware is also only a 3 minute drive from Avalon San Dimas and has all the tools you could ever need.

Just because you have a lot of things does not mean that your home needs to be full of clutter. Make the most of the space you have with these organizational tips to create a spacious and peaceful home. And with the convenient location of Avalon San Dimas, you are surrounded by the shops that can make it all possible.