Make a Statement With Pillows and Blankets

Teal & Lime | Type A or Type B? Find a Throw Blanket Style for Your Personality

When you think about furnishing your Avalon Dublin Station apartment, you might tend to think of the bigger pieces like couches, coffee tables and bedframes, but pillows and blankets are usually not at the top of the list. When we think of blankets, we think of any old or soft blanket to keep us warm. But adding the right touches like a velvet pillow or hand woven blanket can add to the whole mood of the room.

Blankets aren’t just something to keep us warm anymore, and pillows can be as much of a statement piece as a velvet green couch. Adding these simple elements to your living room, or bedroom can really complete the look, and make it look so warm and inviting. These are the finishing touches that are sometimes overlooked.

Teal & Lime | Type A or Type B? Find a Throw Blanket Style for Your Personality

Image: Teal & Lime

Whether you have an heirloom quilt, or just a simple bright colored blanket you picked up at the local Target or American Home Furnishings, it can serve as a way of tying a room together. Throwing a blanket over the top of a couch, or casually over the arm of a chair can make your home look more cozy, and lived in without being messy. Furniture on its own can be quite cold and uninviting especially when it’s a hard surface like wood or metal. Next time you see a unique wool blanket, or even large piece of hand-embroidered fabric, you can use it as an accent piece to give your Dublin Station living room a little more life.

Whether you picked up a plain colored couch from the nearest Ikea in Emeryville and need to dress it up, or have a unique worn leather chair that needs a splash of color, adding pillows to a room can not only serve as added comfort but as another element of decoration. Pillows may be a necessary item for a hard chair, or may even be used on the floor, but buying unique prints, unusual textures and colors can really be a statement piece on their own. If your Dublin Station apartment is fairly neutral, try adding bright colors, bold patterns, and textures like velvet or wool to add some vibrancy and life into the room.

Don’t be afraid of daring patterns, and colors. Even if your style isn’t that eclectic, you can mix in more unusual pieces and really transform a whole room without too much commitment. If you see a fabric or tapestry you have no idea what you would use it for, don’t hesitate to pick it up for the right price, you could easily make it into a blanket or pillow yourself, or have a friend help you make it. If you can’t paint your apartment, and want to show off some of your style, using pillows and blankets are an easy, changeable way to accomplish this. Have fun mixing and matching colors and if you don’t like it, you can always change it out for something more suited to your taste. It’s all about the fun of experimentation!