8 Last minute staycation ideas for kids

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Do your children have a day off that just snuck up on you? If so, you may not have any plans to make the most of your long weekend. But that doesn’t mean fun is out of the question. Maybe you won’t be able to take a trip to some far-flung locale, but there are plenty of other exciting things you and your children can do as part of a “staycation.” Check out the list below for some inspiration!

1) A day at the park. A staycation doesn’t mean you have to “stay” indoors! Grab some outdoor games, sports equipment, and even your pet and head out to your local park for some physical activity. If your children like exploring more than competition, bring a magnifying glass, binoculars and a notebook to write down observations for an easy hike or nature walk.

2) A movie marathon. If an unexpected rainy day keeping you inside, opt out of television watching and enjoy a plethora of movies together instead. Watch your favorites, or choose new ones that everyone has been waiting to see.

3) A museum adventure. A trip to your local children’s museum can make for a memorable, action-packed day. With so many interactive exhibits, and so much to learn, you could easily spend hours upon hours playing with science, art, and history.

4) Introduce them to cooking. Is it ever too early to start passing on the family recipes? Perhaps, but a staycation is a great opportunity to instill an appreciation for a home-cooked meal. By showing them how to follow a recipe, you’re planting the seeds for learning how to cook, which is a helpful life skill to have. Keep it fun by making their favorite foods, and maybe even introduce them to new flavors.

5) Get crafty. Have an art party at your place where kids can create to their heart’s content. You can set up specific projects for everyone to follow, or set out the materials and let their imaginations be their guide. Keep the mess contained to one room, but hang the resulting pieces up wherever they think they fit best!

6) Experiment with household items. There just so happens to be plenty of excellent concoctions you and your children can whip up using household items. Set up a laboratory in your kitchen and don’t be afraid to get a little messy! Make sure to keep safety and cleanup in mind when selecting your experiments.

7) Make a game day. Have kids that love a little friendly competition? Set up a day just for games. These can be of any variety: board, video, outdoor, or completely made up. It’s up to you if you want to keep track of scores, just make sure the emphasis is on having fun.

8) Take a tour. Chances are that your town and the surrounding areas are probably full of interesting things to see and do. This doesn’t have to be formal, but just showing kids that fun can be had practically anywhere is a great way to keep them excited about where they live. If you grew up near where you currently live, show your kids your old elementary school and other places that were significant to you as a child.

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