Which Toys Are Right For Your Pet?

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Your critters have as much of a personality as the other members of your family, so it should come as no surprise that they enjoy different toys. From the typical squeaky stuffed animals to puzzles that keep dogs engaged for hours on end, pet toys should cater to your pooch’s or cat’s particular preferences. We’ve compiled a list of the best toys for your cat or dog based on his playful preferences:

  • If your dog is rambunctious…Then you might want to stick with some type of rope toy. Whether in the shape of a bone or a straight line, perfect for tug-of-war, rope toys are perfect for a round of fetch and general horseplay. No matter how energetic your pup gets, he won’t be able to demolish one of these sturdy toys.
  • If your dog likes to chew…You need a durable toy. That typically means something rubber, like a Kong. These bulbous, cylindrical toys are tough enough to withstand an onslaught of puppy teeth. Stick your critter’s favorite dog treat inside the Kong, and their fight to get to the center could keep them entertained for hours. This is particularly helpful if you work all day and often come home to chewed-up shoes or furniture.
  • If your dog gets bored easily…Kongs can work well for puppies who have a hard time keeping content, too, but they’re not your only option. Many dog toys are designed so that you can stuff treats inside, and there’s a way to make them even more effective: break the treats into pieces beforehand. Once your pup gets to a single piece, he’ll still have plenty of work to do (and fun to have). You can also add some peanut butter to the mix for an extra challenge.
  • If your dog is a gentle soul…Get him a small, plush toy. If he’s not prone to attacking or roughhousing with his toys, then he’ll probably want something that he can comfortably fit in his mouth and tote around the apartment. Depending on your pup’s personality, she might like a stuffed animal with something squeaky in the center. But if it’s just a matter of comfort, then you don’t even have to invest in a true toy. Just pass down a favorite t-shirt or a towel to your pup and let him drag it around. The familiar scent and cuddle factor will keep him or her happy enough—though they might rough it up a bit, so don’t ask for it back.
  • If your cat has an active imagination…Some younger cats like laser pointers and other conventional toys, but as they grow older, basically anything becomes a toy. A paper bag, for instance, can keep an inquisitive cat entertained. Cut the handles off to decrease the risk of your furry friend getting stuck during his investigation. Other popular cat “toys” include light items that he can easily bat around, like a ping-pong ball or a cork. But really, even a crumpled piece of paper will do the trick if you’re in a pinch.

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