AVA Little Tokyo

Mochi Ice Cream | Wikipedia

Make Your Own Mochi In Your AVA Little Tokyo Apartment

AVA Little Tokyo has some pretty fantastic outdoor areas to lounge around and entertain in. With mild climates year round and the downtown skyline as a backdrop, there is no better place to enjoy a cold beer or some delicious ice cream. Here is a fantastic and simple recipe for… Read more


Making Homemade Ramen at Your AVA Little Tokyo Apartment

Making Japanese style ramen at home is much easier than you think. Living in Little Tokyo you have easy access to many different kinds of delicious ramen. But after a while all those nights of eating out can start adding up. Making ramen at home is affordable and knowing how… Read more

Floral Halo

Welcome Spring With These Floral Springtime Crafts

Living in Los Angeles is not only amazing because of the beautiful weather, but downtown L.A. offers you a plethora of art-based culture. You can immerse yourself in music, art and fashion any time, any day. Best of all – you have at your fingertips a whole district devoted to… Read more