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How to Introduce Your Kids to a New Pet

Introducing kids to a new member of the family is nerve-wracking for everyone—parents, children, and pets alike. If you approach the situation with the right outlook, though, it doesn’t have to be a scarring experience. To the contrary, it’s pretty easy to facilitate a first meeting that goes off without… Read more

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How to Make a Sports Ticket Scrapbook for Your Child

Your child’s first sports game is a major life event, especially if she goes on to become an avid sports lover like her mom or dad. Whether it’s a major league baseball game or a face-off against local minor league teams, the experience will likely stick with your child. The… Read more

humming bird

How to Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Teaching your kids how to care for animals is a great first step in explaining the importance and fragility of the environment. And what better way to introduce them to wildlife than by making a bird feeder? Not only will this project allow little ones to exercise their imagination muscles,… Read more


5 Tips to Make a Bright and Well-Organized Playroom

Designing a playroom can be tricky. It has to be equal parts fun and functional, a line that’s not always easy to walk. That is, unless you’re an organizational expert like some of the bloggers we referred to for this list of five tips. They should help you to create… Read more

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10 DIY Projects Under $10

Mason jars and Mod Podge form the backbone of the DIY movement, a push toward crafting that’s exploded in recent years (largely thanks to websites like Pinterest). But if you’re not super artsy, breaking into the DIY world can be intimidating—especially if you’re strapped for cash or time. Don’t let… Read more