Girl with her dogs

Top pet-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle

There’s little doubt that Seattle is a great place to live. But did you know that it’s an excellent city for pets, too? Statistics have shown that there are more dogs in the city than children! So it makes sense that the city has plenty of amenities for you and… Read more

Dog and Cat

Top pet-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is regarded as a very pet-friendly city. But as with any place, some areas are better suited for pets than others. The best places to live if you’re a pet owner are the ones where you’re made to feel as though your pet is a valued part of… Read more

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs: the perfect apartment pets

Having a pet is not only fun, it actually offers health benefits for humans. Some studies show that people who own pets have a lower heart rate and blood pressure. Pets have shown to be able to reduce stress and improve people’s social lives, too. If you live in an… Read more

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What to look for in a Pet Hotel

Everybody needs a vacation now and then. While it’s good to get away from it all and recharge, pet owners will, of course, be concerned about the safety and care of their furry friends because they can’t always come along. That’s where pet hotels come in. Boarding your dog or… Read more

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How to make your own pet bed

Every pet owner knows that their dog or cat needs a special place to relax where they can feel safe and comfortable. Buying a bed from a pet store is one option, but if you have time, patience, and a little creativity, you can make a customized pet bed using… Read more