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Decorate Your Space with Goods from These Local Stores

You make your space your own by filling it with your favorite books, pictures and other knick-knacks. These personalized touches keep things fresh and inspired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little help every once in awhile. These four local shops stock French-inspired goods, fair-trade items and gorgeous… Read more

Maximizing Space in Your Studio Apartment

There are a quite a few advantages enjoyed by apartment dwellers. While others are shoveling winter snow from their driveways or keeping the dandelions in check, people who live in apartments are free to spend their time however they like. If a major appliance breaks homeowners have no choice but… Read more

Lacto-Fermented Dill Pickles | Witchin' in the Kitchen

Pickling Fall Vegetables

We all know that Portlandia episode, “we can pickle that”. While pickling may be in vogue right now, it is a great way to preserve your end of summer vegetable crop or a fun way to spend a few hours with friends or family. Even if you don’t have your… Read more

umbrella stand

Creative Boot Storage Ideas

As the season transitions into fall, it’s time to break out your boots. Since boots are a little bulkier than your average shoe, you might need some ideas of where they can be readily stored (especially in your Avalon Bloomingdale apartment). Read on for our tips on the best housing… Read more