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Holiday Window Decorations

You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around to break out the decorations. Every holiday can be cause for celebration and DIY decorations with these simple, artsy projects. They’re tailored specifically to window frames, so they’re easy to put up and take down as the seasons and… Read more

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5 Vital Elements of Staying Organized

Organization isn’t about scrambling to tidy up when guests come over or dumping odds and ends in the junk drawer once a week. Organization is a lifestyle. It takes time and commitment to keep your apartment in order—possibly twice as much if you have an entire family inciting disarray. But… Read more

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Get Creative With Your Storage

No matter how large your home is, your family or roommates probably don’t have much trouble filling it up. Sometimes it seems like belongings multiply until they take up virtually all available space. That generally leads to issues with storage and organization. If you’re ready to think outside the box,… Read more

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Making Your Apartment Safe for Your Pet

In a lot of ways, getting a new pet is like adding another child to your family. True, he’ll never learn to talk, but he’s just as curious. Curiosity can lead to accidents. That’s why you should pet-proof your apartment just like you would childproof your apartment. In fact, some… Read more

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Tips to Stay Energy Efficient

Humans suck up energy at an alarming rate. Every time you turn on the coffee maker; every time you switch on a bathroom light; every time you hop in the shower—you’re claiming some of the world’s finite energy for yourself. But you don’t have to be a big drain on… Read more