cat shade

How to Build Your Own Litter Box

The litter box has long been the bane of cat owners everywhere. Dog owners can just let their pups outside to do their business, but cats need their own private space—and each cat is a little bit different. Some prefer a cover on their litterbox, whereas others like the fresh… Read more

basketball closeup

How to Make a Sports Ticket Scrapbook for Your Child

Your child’s first sports game is a major life event, especially if she goes on to become an avid sports lover like her mom or dad. Whether it’s a major league baseball game or a face-off against local minor league teams, the experience will likely stick with your child. The… Read more

yard sale sign

Tips to Make Money at a Yard Sale

Setting up a yard sale requires careful planning and a focused strategy, at least if you actually want to turn a profit. In a sea of sloppy, disorganized yard sales this summer, make yours stand out—and increase your chances of coming out on the other side with a wad of… Read more

green crayons

How to Use Your “Inside Voice”

Kids have two volumes: quiet and loud. For most children, loud wins out more often than quiet. That might not be a problem if you’re on the playground or taking a walk at the park, but when you’re confined to your apartment, an outdoor voice sounds exponentially louder. Teaching your… Read more

laundry basket on table

Top 5 Stain Removers

When it comes to fighting stains, there are many different approaches to take. Depending on the stain, where it landed, and what you have on hand, you might be tempted to MacGyver some type of stain-fighting solution based on an internet recipe. But if you always have all of the… Read more