6 ways to upcycle your bedroom

Making over your bedroom can be a time-consuming, expensive, and altogether overwhelming project. If you throw in the added factor of wanting to be eco-conscious in the process, it may seem nearly impossible. But that’s only if your Pinterest game is off. Upcycling your old stuff or thrift store finds… Read more

fancy guitar

Create Something Special with Your Old Concert Tickets

Think back to your first concert. If you’re like some people, there’s a good story associated with the first time you saw your favorite band take the stage. If you’ve accumulated more concert memories and ticket stubs over the years, why not incorporate them into your apartment decor? They’re sure… Read more

Potted plant

5 DIY Ideas to Beautify Your Apartment

You don’t have to spend money to add some character to your apartment. All you need are a few simple craft supplies, an hour or two, and a passion for crafting (or at least the patience for it). If your walls are looking a bit barren, try one of these… Read more

Properly stocked bar cart

How to Properly Stock Your Bar Cart

The bar cart is practically a fixture of fine apartment living. You could live without one, but why would you want to? Since Prohibition forced the culture into hiding in the 1920s, a well-stocked bar cart has meant serious hospitality. From the top shelf – with its array of tools,… Read more

Jelly Bean Garland

Easy Easter Crafts for your AVA High Line Apartment

Easter is right around the corner, and there’s still plenty of time to create some beautiful springtime crafts. Easter is a holiday for all ages, and whether or not you have kids, you can still take the time to make these fun crafts right at your AVA High Line home!