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4 workouts you can do with friends

Hitting the gym alone at 6 a.m. can get pretty old pretty fast, even if you’ve resolved to make 2016 the year that you finally get into a set workout routine. It’s much easier to get your sweat on when you have your squad at your side. It’s also easier… Read more

Miso soup

A Quick Guide to Cooking Tofu

If you’ve been meaning to participate in #MeatlessMondays, but haven’t found the right recipe to launch your part-time vegetarianism, consider one that stars tofu. The soy-based ingredient might seem intimidating. After all, it’s one thing to eat tofu when it’s been prepared at a vegan diner or trendy brunch spot…. Read more

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How to Go Retro: ’50s Diner-Inspired Style

When it comes to pop culture, what’s old is new again. Leggings are back in; The Beatles are cool again; and ’50s-style diners are making a major comeback. Eaters in major cities around the country have taken the retro diner aesthetic and dissociated it with greasy burgers and fries. The… Read more

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Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy at Your Desk

Study after study continues to reveal the dangers of sitting at a desk all day. But the fact remains that most people do. If you’re working for an internet startup, a social media marketing company, or any other office-based company, you’re going to have to come to terms with the… Read more

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Create Something Special with Your Old Concert Tickets

Think back to your first concert. If you’re like some people, there’s a good story associated with the first time you saw your favorite band take the stage. If you’ve accumulated more concert memories and ticket stubs over the years, why not incorporate them into your apartment decor? They’re sure… Read more