All Natural Pet Food Recipes you can make at home

You may not actually be a mother or father yet, but puppy/kitty parenthood is just as important (for the time being). That’s why you match each of your friends’ baby snaps with your own fur-baby Insta. And in order to be an enlightened pet parent, you should really feed your… Read more


Should I try a CSA? 4 things you need to know

When you live in the city, searching for fresh produce can be a sadventure. Even if you have cash to blow at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, you’re not always guaranteed the cream of the crop when fruits and veggies have to travel all the way from the suburbs (or… Read more

man with smartphone exercising on treadmill in gym

5 fitness apps that track Everything

Getting healthy and staying that way used to require a gym membership, a basic understanding of nutrition, or some combination of the two. That was before iPhone apps existed. Now they can do all the thinking for you, a fact that should make you feel truly #blessed. So instead of… Read more

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Which workout plan are you?

Starting a workout plan is kind of a big deal. It takes effort, you have to move around your schedule, and it can feel like it’s intruding on your life. So it’s important to pick one that feels like an extension of your unique style rather than somebody yelling at… Read more

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6 things to do to actually keep your resolution

You’ve been at it two weeks already. And if you’re still going, you’ve got 19% of people beat. But how do you keep going until you make it? We’ll tell you. Think short-term (kinda). If you’re going with the classic “exercise more” New Year’s resolution, you better come up with… Read more