Finding groups for outdoor fitness

‘Tis the season to get out and enjoy the sunshine, take selfies with friends on the beach, and cancel your gym membership in favor of fresh-air adventures. But if you don’t already have your outdoor fitness class schedule all set for the summer, here are a few ways to find… Read more


Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer means Snapchats of sundresses and pics of new strappy sandals. But the season isn’t strictly about how you embellish yourself—it’s also about how you dress up your apartment. Your wardrobe changes with the temperature, after all, so your apartment should too. Here are a few ways you can up… Read more


10 ways to stay in shape while traveling

Whether you’re constantly traveling for work or always on the go visiting friends around the world, being able to travel is one of the perks of being a young professional. You shouldn’t sacrifice that just because you want to stay in shape. After all, if you don’t travel, how will… Read more

Simpler Appetizers

6 oven-free summer meals

Summer is the prime season for filling your Instagram with snaps of colorful salads, sandwiches, and even veggie-filled, chilled soups. Of course, you don’t really want to have to heat up your oven in the process of making these trendy eats. So don’t. Try any of these six recipes to… Read more

books on shelf

Three books becoming movies this summer

Half of the fun of reading a book is imagining the world in which your story is set. Your imagination conjures up images of the lead characters, creates entire towns and cities in your head, probably even guesses at the timbre of the heroine’s voice. So when the book translates… Read more