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Is Granny Gray the right hair color for you

From the Kar-Jenner clan to Ciara and Zosia Mamet, it seems like everyone is embracing the Silver Fox trend right now. Going gray used to be no more than a side effect of aging, something to be avoided at all costs. But today, gray and silver hair tones have taken… Read more

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How to Go Retro: ’50s Diner-Inspired Style

When it comes to pop culture, what’s old is new again. Leggings are back in; The Beatles are cool again; and ’50s-style diners are making a major comeback. Eaters in major cities around the country have taken the retro diner aesthetic and dissociated it with greasy burgers and fries. The… Read more

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Adding Vintage Items to Your Apartment

History repeats itself, especially in fashion. Take a look around Whole Foods the next time you shop, and the leggings and scrunched socks (maybe even a few scrunchies) will prove this much. Just like runway style, interior design also tends to circle back, transforming pieces previously considered outdated into contemporary… Read more

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10 Signs You Need a New Haircut

Some of your friends probably have to be dragged to the salon. Others likely tweet 20 photos from the stylist’s chair. Where do you land on the spectrum? Regardless, getting your hair cut isn’t necessarily an act of vanity. When your hair starts to weaken and break, it’s in the… Read more

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5 Retro Beach Looks for Women

Taylor Swift might not be singlehandedly responsible for the rise of the retro bathing suit, but even she seems to realize she’s had a hand in the trend (see:photographic evidence). Whether you’re a fan of Swifty or not, you have to admit that you’ve been noticing some old-timey fashion by… Read more