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How Often Should You Dust?

Dust may seem like an innocuous cohabitant in your home, but you might not feel that way if you actually knew what it contained. A large portion of dust is actually dead human skin cells that have long since escaped from their host. The rest comes from dust mites (their… Read more

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Easy Ideas For Organizing and Cleaning Your Bedroom

It happens to the best of us: a few busy weeks at work, and all of a sudden the bedroom is a war zone. Dirty clothes in one pile, clean in another; old magazines and newspapers piled up on the bedside table. Shoes who’ve lost their mates, potentially forever. It’s… Read more

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Must-Have Handy Tools For Your Home

It can be a hassle to call the maintenance crew every time you need something done around the apartment, especially if it’s a task you could easily do yourself with the correct tools. If you like to DIY, you should have a fully stocked toolbox on hand. What constitutes “fully… Read more

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Top 5 Stain Removers

When it comes to fighting stains, there are many different approaches to take. Depending on the stain, where it landed, and what you have on hand, you might be tempted to MacGyver some type of stain-fighting solution based on an internet recipe. But if you always have all of the… Read more

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Creating a Chore Chart for Your Kids

Getting kids to do their chores can be like pulling teeth—especially if you aren’t offering the right incentives. Chore charts not only help to equally divide the responsibilities, they also make the entire process more fun. Just getting to refer to a colorful chart to see what’s on his plate… Read more