Apartment Therapy- Design Classics, Convex Mirrors

How To Create The Perfect Frame Collage

If your Avalon Arlington North apartment is lacking in the wall décor department, consider a frame collage.  Creating a wall collage is a fun, fresh alternative to just selecting one piece of art, plus it allows to to create a dynamic wall filled with inspiration. Follow these steps to create… Read more

house of turquoise blue bedroom

Bedroom Décor Inspiration

Deciding on what the overall look of your bedroom will be is one of the most fun (yet challenging) parts of moving into a new apartment. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme though, the process becomes much easier and enjoyable. The best way to pick out a color scheme… Read more

Green Apartment Living

Apartment Living: How to Be Green in Your Space

Everyone wants to go green, but apartment dwellers are sometimes afraid because they feel that they have to make intrusive and permanent changes to the space. No more fears, today there are many simple things that one can do to make sure their apartment is as healthy as can be.

Zipcars Available in New York City

Help Reduce Air Pollution with Zipcar in Merrifield

Picture a world with fewer cars on the road. Imagine what a reduction in traffic congestion, pollution and dependence on oil that would create. Think about how that would contribute to cleaner and fresher air. Zipcar believes that by reducing the number of cars on the road, we can achieve… Read more

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Tips

Eco-Friendly Apartment Life: Green Cleaning Products and Tips As we become more aware of how our lifestyle affects the environment, many people are changing their habits in an effort to become greener. One way to achieve this is to adopt earth-friendly practices and using eco-friendly cleaning products. Learn how you… Read more