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How to prevent bedbugs after a trip

Going on vacation should be all about fun, not a time to worry about bugs. The last thing anyone wants is to bring an unwanted visitor home from their trip. These pests can be hard to detect, and can latch onto your clothing and luggage, biting you while you sleep, without… Read more

Friend Party

Best finger foods for your apartment party

Whether it is for a housewarming, celebrating a new promotion, or simply a get-together among friends, apartment parties are where memories are made. But the scene would not be complete without great finger foods. Instead of having everyone sit down at one table to eat a full meal, a wonderful… Read more


5 Simple Tricks to Keep your Garage Clean

A well-organized home is something we all want, but it’s hard to achieve. It takes quite a bit of hard work and dedication to create a sense of structure and style in each room while making efficient use of space. Beyond that, it can be difficult to make a habit… Read more


5 Great hiking spots you must see

Hiking is an activity enjoyed by many people looking for adventure, exercise, and an invigorating way to enjoy the great outdoors. While your local trails and forests are great for introducing yourself to the hobby, seasoned hiking enthusiasts may want a new challenge. No matter what your interest level is,… Read more

70s 1970s Theme Party

How to Throw a Totally ‘70s Theme Party

One of the best ways to entertain guests in your apartment home is to throw a theme party. Everyone loves a theme, especially one where they can dress up and strut their stuff, so what better theme besides one that hearkens back to the good old 1970s? With bell-bottom pants,… Read more