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Get excited (and prepared) for an upcoming vacation

Everyone needs a break now and then. Even when you’re working a dream job, it’s important to have time off to unwind and get refreshed. But sometimes it’s not enough to simply go on a vacation and leave everything else behind. Recognize that it will take some preparation to detach… Read more

10 top vacations spots

10 Top vacation spots, and the cheapest time to go

Planning a vacation is something of a test of your budgeting skills, both in terms of time and money. It helps to know that prices for destinations rise and fall in accordance with their own particular tourism season. Below are 10 vacation spots paired with the best time of year… Read more

Smooth Travel

7 Travel gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without

The best part of going on a trip is arriving at the destination. But it’s important to have a happy time traveling, too. With the proliferation of handheld and wireless devices to help us pass the time, there’s no reason not to enjoy the journey. Bring the following seven items… Read more

6 innovative new carry on bags

6 Innovative new carry-on bags

With the prices of checked bags these days, it has never been more important to have a dynamic piece of carry-on luggage. While you always want luggage that’s easy to handle yet durable, using a carry-on that goes above and beyond the call of duty can actually improve your traveling… Read more

6 Books you should take with you on the trip

6 Books you should take with you on the trip

You should never go on a trip without at least one book. Chances are good you’ll have some down time, which will allow you to slow down and read. But if you’ve already exhausted your list, or are just looking for something different, consider reading something that will motivate you… Read more