plain kombucha

BYOB – Brewing Your Own (Kom)bucha

While once a drink for hippies and uber health nuts, kombucha tea can now be found in every corner market. However, they are expensive and not as potent as they’re meant to be. Many brands are pasteurizing them and killing off many of the healthy bacteria and probiotics that the… Read more

the sweet beast svalbo hack

Upgrade! 4 Makeovers for Boring IKEA Furniture

IKEA is a great resource when searching for furniture for your AVA Burbank apartment for obvious reasons; it’s easy, convenient and budget-friendly. The best part about IKEA furniture is its simplistic styles are easy to customize with a little paint and hardware. Read on to find out how you can… Read more

Apartment living room

What Does Your Apartment Style Say About You?

The way you decorate and maintain your apartment says more about you than nearly anything else in life. That may sound drastic but the way you decorate, the cleanliness you exhibit, and the overall vibe of your apartment influences how people think of you. It’s one of many moments people… Read more

Two roommates

How to Find the Perfect Roommate

If you’re reading this, two things may be likely: You need a roommate You consider yourself a good roommate Of course everyone thinks they are a great roommate, but no one will ever be completely happy with who they live with because there are so many quirks and habits that… Read more