Apartment Green Living

Lacto-Fermented Dill Pickles | Witchin' in the Kitchen

Pickling Fall Vegetables

We all know that Portlandia episode, “we can pickle that”. While pickling may be in vogue right now, it is a great way to preserve your end of summer vegetable crop or a fun way to spend a few hours with friends or family. Even if you don’t have your… Read more

Green Apartment Living

Apartment Living: How to Be Green in Your Space

Everyone wants to go green, but apartment dwellers are sometimes afraid because they feel that they have to make intrusive and permanent changes to the space. No more fears, today there are many simple things that one can do to make sure their apartment is as healthy as can be.

Folk Fibers Natural Dyes

Creating Colorful (and Natural!) Clothing Dyes

Have you thought about revamping a plain old t-shirt, tote bag or boring duvet cover with colorful dyes? It can be done inexpensively and without the use of harsh dyes full of chemicals. This project is so simple, cheap and its tons of fun to experiment with. You can try… Read more

Zipcars Available in New York City

Help Reduce Air Pollution with Zipcar in Merrifield

Picture a world with fewer cars on the road. Imagine what a reduction in traffic congestion, pollution and dependence on oil that would create. Think about how that would contribute to cleaner and fresher air. Zipcar believes that by reducing the number of cars on the road, we can achieve… Read more

Kitchen Herb Jars

Urban Gardening in Small Spaces

Living within walking distance to shops, restaurants, farmers markets and coffee shops is great for urban living, but besides The High Line, it can be difficult to find open green space to call your own. If you have always wanted to have a backyard for growing your own vegetables and… Read more