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5 driving tips to use fuel more efficiently

Gas prices may be at an all-time low right now, but that doesn’t mean you should waste Mother Nature’s finite resources. With Earth Day right around the corner, it’s time to consider the impact gassing up has on your planet, not just how it affects your wallet. That’s why you… Read more

6 housewares for a greener kitchen

With Earth Day coming up, it’s time to evaluate how eco-conscious you really are. Perhaps you already do the major eco-friendly things, like recycling and composting. But do you think about Mother Earth when you buy a new set of glassware? How about when you stick half a lime in… Read more

Kitten and dog lounging together

4 All-Natural Pet food recipes you can make at home

When you grocery shop for your family, you probably do your best to avoid foods with tons of preservatives, hard-to-pronounce ingredients, and other unhealthy stuff. You know that homemade is always better, so you most likely skip prepared foods when possible and opt to craft meals from scratch in your… Read more

Eco Friendly Home Decor Accessories

With Earth Day right on the horizon, it’s time to assess the impact you’re really making on Mother Nature. Maybe you already recycle, buy local produce, and use CFL light bulbs, but you could be decreasing your carbon footprint other ways—for example, in the furnishings in your home. Not every home… Read more

How you can go green and do good

When your wardrobe is woefully outdated or you find yourself with a set of guest towels that have seen better days, it’s easy just to chuck unwanted stuff in the trash. But when you do that, you’re dooming it to a landfill. Not only does that waste  precious space (and… Read more