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Wikipedia | Malaysia - Penang Butterfly Gardens - 05

How To Make A Butterfly Garden

Picture this: It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re relaxing in your Avalon Dublin Station apartment when you look out the window of your deck to see a butterfly — say, a Monarch, land softly in your garden.

San Francisco Examiner | San Francisco Bicycle Coalition set for police hearing on bike collisions

SoMa Services Geared Toward Cyclists

With nice flat streets and limited parking, it’s no surprise that biking is the preferred method of transportation for so many residents and commuters around SoMa. It’s a bike-friendly area with lots of resources for riders and, with increased attention on safety and the newly announced plans to widen the… Read more

NJUrbanForest | Hiking Torne Mountain! (Norvin Green State Forest)

Visiting Nature in Bloomingdale’s Backyard

We’re already halfway through October and still the weather feels more like late summer! Some of us have taken advantage and soaked in a bit more sun before the weather fiercely changes again. Seeing that Bloomingdale is literally surrounded by acres and acres of pristine natural beauty just begging to… Read more

compost bucket

How to Compost in a Small Space

While composting is fairly simple to do, many would assume you need a large yard or even outdoor space. You can compost right on a fire escape, your AVA U District balcony or in a shared yard space. Another misconception is that composting attracts bugs, rodents or smells bad, all… Read more

How to Grow Herbs Through the Winter | St. Albans

Grow Herbs At Home In Your Avalon Apartment

Indoor gardening is not only a fun pastime to relax and savor nature’s goodness indoors, it’s also a much tastier and safer alternative to purchasing herbs at your local supermarket. Not that there’s anything wrong with going that route, but isn’t it great to know exactly what is being used… Read more