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10 New Outdoor Fitness Ideas

When it starts to warm up outside, dragging yourself to the stuffy, muggy gym becomes even more difficult. Why not make the whole world your gym instead? Enjoy the fresh summer breezes with one of these 10 outdoorsy workouts instead of sucking in recycled air on the treadmill. Stand-up paddleboarding…. Read more

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4 treats that won’t break the calorie bank

If you’ve recently decided to start living in a healthier way, you need to banish the word “diet” from your vocabulary. That’s because overall wellness isn’t really about being a stickler when it comes to what you eat, but rather balancing indulgence with hard work. So, you can keep eating… Read more

4 reasons to sign up for a race to get back on track

After the short days and cool temps of winter, getting back into your normal spring fitness routine can be challenging, to say the least. If you let your running shoes hibernate for the entire season, it may feel nearly impossible. That’s why signing up for a race is the perfect… Read more


4 qualities in a motivating workout partner

It’s no secret that working out with a buddy is a good way to stay motivated. You’re much less likely to bail on an early-morning gym session when you know you’ll be leaving a friend high and dry, doing deadlifts without anyone to spot her. But when it comes to… Read more

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5 food swaps to a healthier diet

When you decide to start eating healthier, totally revamping your entire diet might not be the best way to begin. Drastic, sudden changes to the way you cook and eat could be too overwhelming and cause you to give up within a few days. Instead, it’s better to ease into… Read more