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5 quick and healthy lunches to help make good food decisions

Eating healthy is always a good idea; but sometimes it seems inaccessible. But if you start with the right ideas and the right stuff in your fridge, each step gets successively easier. Here’s a few recipes to help you get started. Greek chopped pita salad. The same old garden salad… Read more

5 kitchen gadgets to help you eat healthy

Eating healthy isn’t a single choice, it’s a process. Giving up your favorite snacks and sweets cold turkey could result in a diet being abandoned immediately. Instead, it makes more sense to simply start incorporating some fruits and veggies into your diet, letting them organically begin to replace the processed… Read more

4 recipes for pomegranates

Pomegranates are in season (and in fashion) and probably on the shelves at your Trader Joe’s or local co-op. Once you find the perfectly ripe pomegranate (domestic goddess Martha Stewart says it should be a dark purple or red hue and heavy—no rotten spots), you can keep it in a… Read more

6 fitness apps that track Everything

You used to have to actually hire and pay a personal trainer. Nowadays, you can just download one. There are a slew of smartphone apps (most of them free) that do the same work as an actual personal trainer, but you can just close them out when you’re done with… Read more

4 ways to find happiness in 2016

Resolving to be more fit, to lose weight, or to be a better person are all worthwhile goals and resolutions people set for themselves. But often times, the real goal behind these is just to be happier. Here are some ways you can set your sights directly on the goal… Read more