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5 unique summer picnic decor ideas

The warm weather brings the feeling that anything is possible — well, at least in terms of entertaining outdoors. Picnics are great opportunities to get together with friends and family to celebrate just about anything, and hosting one can be a lot of fun. If you’re interested in creating an… Read more

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Take a weekend trip without having to plan

If you have a long weekend coming up, take advantage of it! It probably isn’t all that often that three days of a clear schedule presents itself, so do yourself a favor and plan a trip. Getting out of your usual setting is a great way to reset and recharge… Read more

couple cuddling

What is hygge and how do I get in on it?

The Danish concept of hygge is seemingly everywhere these days. It was a contender for the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2016, it’s been examined by publications such as the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Time and BBC News, and it’s a consistently trending hashtag on social media…. Read more


5 Grill toys that will impress your friends at your next BBQ

Nothing says “summertime” like a good cookout. And if you fancy yourself a grillmaster, there’s no better time to show off your cooking skills. But before you get the grill ready, you might want to check your accessories first. Do you have everything you need to make your barbecue as… Read more

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5 Fun snacks to take on a hike (that aren’t granola bars)

Hikes can be a lot of fun, but that enjoyment will be short-lived without the right supplies, including snacks. Even on the shortest trails, it helps to have a snack on hand to fuel you. Granola is a great snack option for almost any type of exercise, whether in bar… Read more