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Fit your workout to your life – and vice versa

It can be a challenge finding time to exercise, especially if your schedule is packed. If you’re training for a race or other type of, you mind find your workouts taking up even more time. Check out the helpful tips below to strike a balance. Make a schedule. The first part… Read more

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8 Non-food rewards for meeting your fitness goals

Finally reached your fitness goals?  It can be tempting to reward yourself with a favorite food. While you certainly deserve something to commemorate your achievement, rewarding yourself with food can lead to bad habits andundo your hard work. Instead, treat yourself by doing any (or all) of these things! 1)… Read more

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6 Ways to get inspired and commit to fit

At some point, everyone feels a little uninspired by the prospect of working out. But if you’re just starting to implement a fitness routine after a long break, it can feel like a massively daunting task. Take a look below for six of the best ways to get the motivation… Read more

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4 Meditation routines you want to try

Meditation is an ancient practice that’s enjoying something of a renaissance these days. Scientific evidence supports its relaxing effects, supporting its relaxing effects can, but it can hard to find an entry point into this practice. Here are four approaches to meditation to consider. 1) Focused attention meditation. A basic meditation… Read more

Should I get TSA pre-check

Should I get TSA Pre Check? Is it worth it?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being in an airport is not always a great experience. There are usually lines at baggage check, at security and at the gate, and at times the wait can be significant, especially when it comes to international flights. It’s a process designed to… Read more