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Top 5 dog parks to visit in Los Angeles

Dog parks are a great place to exercise and socialize—for both you and your pup! Los Angeles has no shortage of great places to take your pooch; here are our top five picks. Laurel Canyon. This huge dog park is great for your four-legged companion, no matter his or her… Read more

bathing dog

Time for a bath? The sudsy essentials for your pet

Proper grooming is an important part of owning a pet. Knowing how to keep your pet clean not only keeps them smelling and looking nice, but is also important for their health and wellbeing. Grooming is no easy task, however! Pets can be very uncooperative when it comes time for… Read more


Simple steps to reduce TV time at home

TV is a form of entertainment; it’s a news source; it can even make for good background noise in the room when you’re all alone. But as numerous studies have shown, too much TV can be bad for your health. That’s why, as with so many other things, moderation is… Read more

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How to get pet hair out of your apartment

As a pet owner, you know shedding is a fact of life. Pet hair gets everywhere: on your clothes, your furniture, and, of course, your floor. But at some point, there comes a time when it needs to be cleaned up. Despite its ubiquity in your apartment, pet hair can… Read more


Giving kids an allowance: what you need to know

Saving and spending money can be a complicated concept for kids to grasp, which is why many parents and caregivers start their little ones on an allowance. This weekly or monthly allocation is theirs to save and spend however they choose, with some guidance from Mom and Dad, of course…. Read more