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Target Hacks

10 Target hacks to make things your own

Who doesn’t love Target? This store seems to have it all, and for great prices too. Just like Ikea, there are plenty of ways you can transform virtually anything from this store and turn it into something even more useful. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration. 1. Customize… Read more

Decorate your walls

8 Ways to decorate your walls without painting

When you move into a new place, one of the first thing you think about is how to make it your own. Customizing your space can be fun, and giving it a unique look can help you to feel more at home. One of the easiest and most impactful ways… Read more

Kid Art

6 Places besides the fridge to display kid art

Whether you’re a parent, or you have a special kid in your life, you most likely have numerous drawings, paintings and other creations that the child created and gave to you. It’s important to nurture their creativity, and part of that is displaying the child’s art. There’s always the refrigerator,… Read more

Kids on a plane

How to keep kids entertained on a plane

If you’ve traveled with kids before, you know how crucial it is to keep them entertained during a flight. Being occupied helps to break the monotony of being in the air, and helps the time to pass faster. It therefore makes sense then for parents to do everything in their… Read more

Winter Driving

Emergency supplies to keep in your car for winter driving

Driving in the winter requires more caution than any other time of the year. With an increased likelihood of bad weather, it’s simply more hazardous to venture out. So, it’s always a good idea to prepare for any potentially dangerous situation you may encounter. While there are some things that… Read more