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Baby's bedroom

5 Tips to make a bright and well organized playroom

Playtime is crucial for a child’s physical and mental development, which is why the space where they play is so important. If your playroom is looking like it could use a little fixing up, try these five tips to create a more enriching, organized environment! 1) Make things accessible. As… Read more

Family Pet

5 Reasons why it’s important to have a family pet

A pet is more than just a pet—he or she is a special member of a family (and unless you get a parrot, the only member of the family who won’t talk back)! Are you considering a pet for your family? We think these five reasons will convince you that… Read more

Creative Storage

Get Creative With Your Storage

Every square inch counts when you’re living in an apartment. Whether it’s the area under a shelf in your pantry or a corner that doesn’t quite seem to fit anything, unused space is a total waste when you only have a limited amount to begin with—especially in terms of storage…. Read more


Summer Decorating Ideas

Now that summer sunshine has finally reentered your world, it’s time to trade heavy jeans for shorts and bulky boots for strappy sandals. It’s also time to swap out your spring decor—or any wintry embellishments that have been hanging on—for decor befitting the longer days and warmer temperatures. If you… Read more

Family Picnic

8 Free kid activities for summer

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of summer vacation. Three months of uninterrupted fun, including (but not limited to) summer camp, swimming pool sessions, and maybe even a vacation or two. As a parent, however, summer vacation isn’t quite as thrilling. In fact, it might even… Read more