Outdoor Pet Safety

5 things everyone forgets about outdoor pet safety

Now that the earth is starting to thaw for spring, you and your furry friend can finally get back into a routine with your trips outside. You can pack away those puppy sweaters and break out the canine rain boots instead. Spring brings its own set of problems for pets,… Read more

evite software options

5 sites with fun and creative evites you can use for free

If you’re planning a party at your apartment soon, there’s one thing you have to check off the to-do list before tackling anything else: the invitations. Regardless of how festive your decor looks or how flawless your food spread is, your party will be a flop if no one shows… Read more

simple April recipes

5 Simple recipes with ingredients in season in April

The arrival of April means spring showers, blooming flowers, and fresh produce. Many fruits and veggies flourish in the beginning of spring, which means you’ll have a whole new host of ingredients at your fingertips at the local farmers market. This April, try one of these easy recipes starring in-season… Read more

simple decorations to celebrate spring

5 simple decorations to celebrate spring

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Parties less than 40 dollats

4 fun parties you can throw for less than $40

If you’re on a budget, you don’t necessarily have to hold off on throwing a party when a special occasion comes around. Maybe it’s a big birthday or the release of a new season of a show that you and your friends love. Perhaps it’s your favorite holiday or a… Read more