30 day challenges to pick from

20 30-day challenges to pick from

Just because New Year’s Day has come and gone doesn’t mean that it’s too late to set a goal for 2018. Why not try a 30-day challenge? Four weeks is long enough time to create a new habit that lasts, and it’s brief and attainable enough that you should be… Read more

8 kitchen bucket list spring desserts you can try to make

8 kitchen bucket list spring desserts you can try to make

Are you planning a party to celebrate the arrival of spring? Then you’ll need a sweet and seasonal dessert to impress your friends. Add one of these spring-inspired recipes to your to-bake list for an upcoming soiree.   Lemon Yogurt Cake [Food Network] Light, velvety, and infused with the tart… Read more

spring cocktails to try

6 spring cocktails you should try

The arrival of spring brings with it blossoming flowers, sprouting herbs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a time to celebrate this natural bounty and the return of warmer temperatures. And what better way is there to do this than whipping up a batch of cocktails and sipping them with… Read more

woman doing push-up outside

6 exercise tricks to stretch and grow your physical limits

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness guru or an exercise newbie, everyone eventually gets to a place where their workout routine begins to feel stale. Your muscles start to know what to expect from the gym each day, so you cease to get stronger or, at the very least, start to… Read more